My Story

 Louisa Abrous, Acil Zaman, Founder

Acil Zaman was founded by Louisa Abrous in 2020.

The mission was to create All Natural handmade soaps that were very high quality. Louisa would go on to travel to many countries, where she would further develop her list of ingredients such as flowers, oils, herbs and soap enhancing products from all of the corners of the world. Her passion for soap making continued to flourish, when she continued her studies with renowned soap makers.

Louisa now perfects her craft by making the soaps directly from her home. Hand-cutting and curing, one will experience tantalizing aromas that invigorate and enliven when entering an Acil Zaman space.

"I wanted to create soaps that made bathtime more special, and for this it was important to find the best ingredients I could get find."